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  • ProEngineer - Is the main CAD system tool we use for the most part, our engineers are very proficient with it.

  • SolidWorks - Is another CAD system, which is very popular with design and engineering firms and manufactures. Our engineering staff is very familiar and proficient with this tool as well.

  • Prototype and Machine Shop - Vertex's machine shop is equipped with all the necessary tools and machines to process, and assemble, any prototype design to provide clients with great working prototypes.

  • 3-D Printing - A 3-D printer is something that is a must have for any design and engineering firm. Our printing queue is usually full, with parts being printed almost daily.

  • Laser Cutting - One of our latest acquisitions is the laser-cutting machine. We find it very useful and a real time-saver when converting parts (for quick study) into laser cutting designed parts.