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Vertex is a turnkey design and engineering firm providing a wide range of design and engineering services.
Our involvement in any product development project starts with the Product Specifications and Definitions, Industrial Design and Ideation to Engineering, Prototyping and preparation for production. Vertex can come in to any product development process, at any stage of development, to help streamline the development to completion.

The sooner the better! In some cases, we recommend that clients hold off with the patenting process since we know we can add a lot of value to a product. This helps the client avoid costly patent application revisions. Generally, we can start working on project at any stage of development. Some clients reach out to us after making a rough prototype of their product, and need assistance with organizing the specs to make it production ready. Some come to us with only an idea and we do the rest.

There is no typical cost for product development as each product is unique. Each project has a cost based on its complexity, the number of parts required, and the expertise needed to achieve the final design. Some products are simple and easy to design, engineer, and may only take a few weeks to finish. Others require electronics development, plastic engineering, and are much more complicated. These may take months to finalize.

When providing an estimate we will divide the project program into the phases of development, based on our understanding of the project goals and complexity. Using knowledge gained from our experience, we will estimate the cost per phase.
Although this is only an estimate, it will give the client a good sense as to the overall project cost. however we do, charge by the number of hours invested in each task.

Product development business is constantly dealing with new and innovative ideas. Before we start engaging in any project we make sure we sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement with each client and we are very sensitive about protecting our client in this way. We know that the safeguarding of new ideas and technologies are critical to the product's success. We use the highest security methods to safeguard all of your proprietary information including all design documentation and company marketing and business information.

Typically, we do not work this way since there are so many factors to the success of the product in the marketplace. We make sure the design is good, the engineering is perfect and the product is ready for production, then we step aside and can provide support as needed.

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