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Inventors Assistance

Inventors Product Design

As a result of many years of product development experience, we have helped individual inventors seeking assistance with patenting and developing their product ideas. In the past, we have provided inventors with a full spectrum of industrial design services, offering them design and engineering, conceptual development and assistance in the entire development process needed to get to production.

We consult with inventors and advise them about all aspects of getting the inventions to market. We show them how to start their project properly, and we define the steps necessary to patent their inventions.
We treat small projects in the same way as we treat our larger scale projects. We apply the same phases of development and, in every instance, we invest the necessary time and effort to reach a successful product design outcome.
Vertex has provided design and engineering assistance to inventors with inventions in the kitchen and home accessory industries, toy industry, and innovative exercise equipment to name a few.


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