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Industrial Equipment

industrial machine

Industrial Equipment manufacturers find Vertex to be an attractive partner for their new product engineering and design needs. Our extensive portfolio in the industrial products design section, shows examples of the many products we've designed and delivered to clients.

Large scale industrial equipment projects, although on the productions floor or in a facility environments, have just as much need for ergonomics, user friendly interface and pleasant design appeal to the workers operating such equipment. Industrial equipment products operate for long hours and must stand up to continuous use. Whether workers are running the machines for simple daily operation, maintenance, cleaning or more, every step is considered in the design process.Our attention to every detail will ensure the efficiency of the assembled product in its new environment while operating smoothly with minimum downtime.

We have learned from experience, that even when a product is hidden from view or is housed in a closed environment, such as our designed industrial electrical meters, it is important to create an outstanding product with an appealing design and ease of operation.  


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