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28 Jul
Posted by vertexpd
bridging by innovation

There are two generations that live worlds apart - the growing population of senior citizens and our technologically savvy young kids.
My generation is in a position where we have senior parents who still read newspapers and young kids who text instead of calling, which contributes to the widening generation gap and diminishing contact between these groups.
I decided to take on a project that will bring seniors and kids together and form a bridge in communication and relatedness through innovation.

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03 Jun
Posted by vertexpd
3D Modeling
30 Apr
Posted by vertexpd
Too much information

It was quite intimidating the first time. Before me stood a garbled collection of what looked like electro-mechanical equipment that would, theoretically, perform a specific function as outlined by my client and customer. Behind me I hear what starts as a distant murmur slowly morphing into the customer talking to me about the machination and its eventual function.

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