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15 May

New Product Launch – The INFINIPUZZLE

Posted by vertexpd
Last Updated: 22 September 2014
Toy Development

In the past few months we were involved with the development and design of a new in house puzzle concept called INFINIPUZZLE. This puzzle idea is a brainchild of Dean Gah and Avi Cohen. We took this idea to production with some good help from the crowd after a successful Kickstarter campaign. We were very pleased with some of the feedback we received on this new twist on an old and classic jigsaw puzzle.

In fact we were so pleased with the reaction on this puzzle, that we decided to go all the way and start a new toy and game manufacturing company by the name of PlayBox and have the INFINIPUZZLE brand as the first brand to distribute.



Since than we have the INFINIPUZZLE for sell on our site, on Amazon and we are working on expending our retail footprint. More updated to come.

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