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28 Apr
If we were to design a Quad-copter Drone
Quad-copter Drone Concept

One of the newest toys and gadgets to hit the market in recent year is the Quad-copter drone, and there are several versions and types on the market. We at Vertex Product Development have designed one with the functions many will want most.

Four independent rotors sit on the end of each molded landing foot. Four rotors make for a more stable drone for taking off, flight and landing. This was one element the Vertex Product design team would not budge with the creation.

The X-Drone is a concept design with futuristic looks and functionality. The landing feet double as rotor footprint indicators to protect the rotors from contact with objects like walls and trees. The well-spaced feet also mean less chance of a cataclysmic landing.

The X-Drone will be made from high quality dense plastic that is the perfect merger of low weight and durability. This means the drone is perfect for anyone interested in drones and looking for one that is ready to go out of the box. There are reports of drones landing harder than planned and doing expensive damage. We have worked to be sure that the learning curve of flying and landing is negligible. We want anyone to fly our drone in a short time,the feet are something like curb feelers for the drone.

Surveyors, mappers and even sports enthusiasts are looking for aerial shots without the expense of planes and photographers. The X-Drone will have a version with a built in camera and accessory and will not require special tools to install or remove

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