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10 Dec
Did you hear of Project Grizzly?
man vs wild

Perhaps you may know, or perhaps you may not, but within the news fairly recently was a man making a "grizzly bear proof" suit. This suit, similar to something Iron Man of comic lore would wear, was specifically designed to protect a wearer against a bear attack.

Footage shows the man in various dangerous elements, such as taking a large swinging log to the center of mass or allowing children to beat him with baseball bats. The suit, he reasoned, would protect someone from a grizzly bear. This could allow scientists and nature lovers to get close to this massive predator in relative safety.

The point?

This is the work that we looks and lives for.

We want your idea, invention, and concept. We would love to take what you have and make it a reality. As consumers, we have an idea of what people are looking for; as a company, we work to earn profits for designing and engineering your products and those we serve; as a development team, we are looking for the next great invention.

You supply us with a concept, idea or plan, and our team will make it happen for you.

It may be that your idea is not as grand and sweeping as a grizzly bear suit, or it could be you live in an area thankfully uninfested by grizzly bears. Either way, we want to help you bring your idea to market.

Some products we help make are simple and anything but complex. Others take complexity, ingenuity and engineering to a new level. We are there every step of the way.
Let us show you how we can work together to make the best possible outcome a reality.

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