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15 Jul
I have an idea!
I have an idea

It was one of those long hot showers at the end of the day. While staring at one point and visualizing my solution to a problem which I was facing in house, it struck me... I found it! I know what is needed to get it done.

This doesn't happen too often. One typically needs to have something bothering him to trigger the problem solving mechanism. Few weeks ago I was faced with my three kids looking at me and none of them knew where the chargers to our iDevices were. We are all using these chargers in house (iPads, iPods...) but this time they all vanished. This was the trigger. That same night in the shower (where the best ideas come to mind) it came to me.

Since I would like in the time being to keep this solution confidential, I will spare you the details, and once I know it is protected I will share it. What I am willing to share at this point, is the process at which I am going through to make this idea a reality I hope.


It,s been a few months now that I am aware of this great website called There are great ideas from inventors and designers who develop these ideas to an almost finished product. They are seeking help from the visitors to the site to finance the production cost of these products for having the first items after production is completed. So anyone who sees a product which he would like to own and help to bring to market, can pledge any set amount and assist the inventor with raising the funds. All the money which is raised is then going to the inventor to invest in injection molding tools, packaging, parts and first production run.

Kickstarter Project

I found this setup and process to be such a great idea, that I must at some point test it and see if I/we can come up with a valid idea and raise the funds for it.

I have it!
That problem which I mentioned before, and the solution that came to me in the shower may be this great product idea that I was looking for. In the following posts, I will share the process of doing so. My plan is to develop the idea, engineer it correctly, prototype it and make sure I did not miss anything. I will then use the prototype to create the movie clip to present the idea on the kickstarter web site and see where it takes us.


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