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20 Jan
CES 2012 Visit Impressions.
CES Show

Every few years, I take the time to go visit the CES show in Vegas in order to be on top of what is new/hot or coming our way from technology innovations and design trends. Although this year Apple did not attend the show, it felt like Apple products, design and technology dominated the exhibits. The amount of companies which are making accessories for smart phones and especially iPhone and iPad products are mind boggling. From simple protective cases, to water proof cases and from easy to hold accessories to easy mount and handling iPads. There were also car mounts, pool mounts and toy ideas all revolving around how to interact with or protect your "iProduct".

Once you move to the car industry section, you once again see the trend of making all user interface feel and look like the iOS touch interface. From Audi to Mercedes and Kia, all are looking for better ways to integrate the iOS devices and smart phones feel in general, into the driving experience.

As far as the TV front, it was astounding to observe the advances in the 3D TVs technology. LG put together a very impressive booth with approximately a 30 feet tall by 60 feet wide 3D screen that was composed of individual TVs operating in sync with high quality 3D picture in HD.

Samsung did not fall short as well, the qualities of Samsung's new Super OLED TVs is close to perfection with extremely high levels of black, and all that, from a TV as thin as the iPhone.

Our Share:

CES AwardsWe also had our share of pride in the CES when two products which we designed and engineered had their debut at the show exhibited by our client. One of them being the iProDock Alumina which received the prestigious CES Innovation award. This car mount cradle is specifically designed for the iPhone to provide a safe and secure mounting option as well as, a permanent charging option while integrating the typical iPhone charging cable into the design of the cradle.

iPhone Dock

The other product displayed was the ProDock + which is a simpler smart phone cradle which can accommodate any type of smart phone with or without casing.

Over all, not a bad show. I was hoping to see less iOS product accessories than were present, but as indicated above, we contributed to this trend by designing a few ourselves.

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