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03 Oct
Posted by vertexpd
Phone Dock

xWallDock turns outlets into iPhone, iPad charging docks

BY Kevin C. Tofel
What happens when an industrial designer gets fed up with the many mobile device charging cords and cables in his house? He designs a solution, of course! Thanks to the xWallDock Kickstarter project, you can get in on this simple, but elegant, docking face plate.

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20 Jan
Posted by vertexpd
CES Las Vegas

Every few years, I take the time to go visit the CES show in Vegas in order to be on top of what is new/hot or coming our way from technology innovations and design trends. Although this year Apple did not attend the show, it felt like Apple products, design and technology dominated the exhibits. The amount of companies which are making accessories for smart phones and especially iPhone and iPad products are mind boggling. From simple protective cases, to water proof cases and from easy to hold accessories to easy mount and handling iPads. There were also car mounts, pool mounts and toy ideas all revolving around how to interact with or protect your "iProduct".

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